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Below are a selection of Books, Articles, Websites, Exercises and Recordings
directed to the practice of mindfulness in law.


Allen, S., “Move From Being a Mindfulness Lawyer to a Mindful Lawyer.”  The Complete Lawyer (2008).

Cohen, J., "Mindfulness and Stress" The Recorder (May 15, 2012)

Hyman, J. P.,  "The Mindful Lawyer: Mindfulness Meditation and Law Practice."  Vermont Bar Journal. (2007).

Riskin, L., "The Contemplative Lawyer: On the Potential Contributions of Mindfulness Meditation to Law Students, Lawyers, and their Clients," 7 Harvard Negotiation Law Review 1-66 (2002).

Rogers, S., “Mindfulness Matters,”  Dade County Bar Association, Bulletin (Nov. 2011)

Zeglovich, R.  The Mindful Lawyer, GPSolo Magazine (2006).

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Begley, S., Train You Mind, Change Your Brain: How a New Science Reveals Our Extraordinary Potential To Transform Ourselves. (Ballantine Books, 2007).

Calloway, D., Becoming a Joyful Lawyer: Contemplative Training in Non-Distraction, Empathy, and Emotional Wisdom (2012).

Daicoff, S., Lawyer, Know Thyself  (APA, 2004).

Halpern, C., Making Waves and Riding the Currents. (Berrett-Koehler, 2008).

Kabat-Zinn, J.,  Wherever You Go, There You Are (Hyperion, 1994).

Kauffman, G., The Lawyer's Guide to Balancing Life & Work: Taking the Stress Out of Success (ABA, 2006).

Keeva, S.,  Transforming Practices: Finding Joy and Satisfaction in the Legal Life. (Contemporary Books, 1999).

Rogers, S.,  The Six-Minute Solution: A Mindfulness Primer for Attorneys (Mindful Living Press, 2009).

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The Mindful Lawyer Conference

Center for Mindfulness

Mindfulness in Law

Institute for Mindfulness Studies

Neuroscience and Conflict Resolution

Warrior One

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Justice Breyer: Seeking Serenity (exercise at end of article)

Scott Rogers Guides a “Jurisight” Mindfulness Practice: “The Just Is Holmes”

--Professor Scott Rogers guides the “Jurisight” practice,
“Order in the Cortex”

Professor Leonard Riskin Guides a 45 Minute Mindfulness Practice

Professor Charlie Halpern leads a Chi Gong Practice


A collection of articles, audio and video recordings from the 2010 Mindful Lawyer Conference can be found by
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